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Psychics Wear Glasses Chapter 1
I never considered myself to be much more than an ordinary guy. I hung out with my friends at lunch, did most of my homework, wore contacts to avoid glasses, and I was fairly certain I knew exactly where that thick, obvious line between reality and fantasy was sitting at. By the time I reached my final year of high school, I was certain I knew what I wanted to do with my life and how I was going to do it. I had a car, a place to live, and grades good enough to get into college. My mom left when I was little and my dad was too busy at work to really do more than sleep when he got home. One of the few things that set me apart was that I loved to read. After school, I usually spent a few hours in the library reading, then walked part way home and stopped at the public library for a few more hours before I actually got home, did homework, and fell asleep. That covered all of my high school years, up until senior year.
It was my plan to do the same old song and dance in senior year, but "th
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This is the best way I know to efficiently answer the questions I usually get.  I have bulleted various forms of answers, because I have been asked those specific questions.  I'm just trying to be thorough, not rude. :)

Commissions and Private Sales:

    *I do not do commissions or private sales.  
    *I do not plan to do commissions or private sales in the near future.  
    *I do not know what one might cost, IF I did do commissions or private sales.

Although commissions work very well for most crafters, they do not work well for me.  I operate in a way that is contrary to most plushie makers.  Usually, the goal is to get through the frustrating tedium of figuring out patterns to then enjoy the reward of more easily producing multiple plushies.   For me, the reward is figuring out the patterns, and the frustrating tedium is having to more easily produce multiple copies of the same product.  Once I have solved the "puzzle" of a project, repeating it is not an enticing prospect.  To happily produce my best work, I have to work on what is inspiring me at the time, and that is not always going to be what someone wants to buy.  Because I am constantly revising and redoing, I never know how long it is going to take me to complete a project.  For Chrysalis, I scrapped more than 20 set of eyes and multiple sets of wings, before I was satisfied.  Because this refining process often takes longer than expected, I don't work well with deadlines.   Most importantly, commitments and deadlines would create stress in my home, and I am unwilling to put my family through it, especially when they have been so supportive.   I'm difficult enough to have as a wife or mother even when I am not making plushies until 2 in the morning!  The happiness of my husband and children has to come first.  They prefer that I do not do commissions, and I do not anticipate that will change.  If it ever does, it will not be until after I have made plushies for my own children and their friends, none of whom have a single plushie at this time.  

For the near future, I will be auctioning my plushies.  While I am creating new designs, my time investment is very high, and I will not likely complete more than one new plushie each month.  I do expect this to improve with time, but for now, I need to auction my work to be able to cover my expenses and keep working on my patterns.  To tell you what one of my plushies might auction for, I'd have to find and ask the people who would be willing to bid on them.  There are far too many variables, and that is the only way I could make an estimate with any validity.  Any guess I might make would likely be less educated than your own.   Honestly - your guess would probably be much better than mine.  If I am able to speed up my process enough, I may be able to reconsider private sales.  


    *I do not plan to share details at this time, for various reasons.

My plushies are designed as soft sculpture pieces, which I approach as an engineer and not an artist.  I'm all about math and objective accuracy, not interpretation.  Their unique design and construction takes a great deal of refining, which is complicated and time consuming.  My Queen Chrysalis plushie took an estimated 180 hours from start to finish.  Since posting her, I have received constant requests for very detailed information regarding every aspect of her construction.  I am not comfortable trying to share that information at this time.  I do not have set patterns or directions to provide which would be decipherable to anyone else.   I work as I go, using information in my head accumulated from over 40 years of varied crafting and construction experience.  Nobody taught me how to do this.  When I begin a project, I research techniques online and in books, and spend a great deal of time experimenting.  I work to figure out what methods are best for me, and I have many failures along the way.  I've spent decades teaching myself skills which now enable me to work out this kind of project.  The methods and materials I use frequently change as I continue to learn and make adjustments.  Explaining these things to you would require a series of videos, and my children will tell you that I am a truly terrible teacher.  The statement most often heard at my house during homework difficulties is: "Mom, could you please stop explaining, because you're making it worse."  (Imagine the old Disney cartoons of Professor Ludwig von Drake drawing football plays on a chalkboard.)  Even if I could explain it well, the process would be different for each plushie design.  Until I feel like I have my feet underneath me, I think it is best to hold these things to myself.   For right now, this also applies to questions about specific materials I use and where I obtain them.  

Future Plushies:

    *I do not know which characters I will ever make.  
    *I do not know when I will ever make a particular character.
    *I do not know if I will ever repeat characters.

I will not ever be sure of completing a particular plushie, until it is actually done.  Sometimes I run into a project snag, and have to set things aside for a while.  (I started a bathroom remodel 2 1/2 years ago - it still doesn't have a sink :( )I chose to make a Chrysalis early on, because most plushie makers do not enjoy making her, and she presents very intriguing design challenges.  I felt there was an opportunity to represent her in a way that had not been done before.  This will also be important to me in selecting my next few projects.  If I feel a particular character is already being very well represented, I will probably wait to work on them until I've tackled a few others first.  This applies particularly to mane 6 ponies, S2 Princess Luna, and Princess Celestia.  There are stunning plushies of these ponies available already, and I'm not sure that I could produce much of an improvement, if any.   I could make them very show-accurate, but honestly, I think some of the plushies with personal touches (i.e. color variations, interesting eyes, larger wings, etc.) are the most beautiful.  If this endeavor goes well, I will likely work on them sometime soon, because I really like the characters, and I have received repeated requests for them.  For my next couple projects, I am focusing on characters which have been less represented due to design challenges.  But who knows, I may suddenly get inspired and surprise you.  It could happen. :D

I thoroughly enjoyed making my first two plushies, and if I am able to continue enjoying the process, without it being an unpleasant experience for my family, I would love to make some more.  Although I am considering several options, I have not yet decided on my 3rd project.  I am very open to suggestions, so please feel free to share with me any ideas you might have.  If you actually read all of this, congratulations and thank you for being patient with me! :)


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I am coming back ......
I've had to devote myself to some family needs, and have not been able to touch a plushie project in months. However, things are getting taken care of, and I'm starting to find little chunks of time to work on projects. Thank you all for being so patient and kind. I'll try to go through everything that has been piling up on my page while I've been away. :) It looks like you've all been making amazing things in my absence!

Hmmm ... I'm a happily married mother of seven, and I've been crafting, sewing, and building things for over 40 years: clothing, costumes, décor, sculpture, woodworking, painting, refinishing, home remodeling, photography, and just about anything else you can think of. I like getting power tools for Christmas. Most of my sewing over the past three decades has been devoted to Halloween and cosplay costumes for my kids. However, four of them are bronies, and they have encouraged me to make some plushies. I suspect that they and their brony friends have ulterior motives ...


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If I may ask, how much did yor Princess Luna S1 plush sell for?
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The photography is good, too.
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I have to say, I truly admire your skill in making those two plushies! I'm very much the same way in my approach to crafting and sewing, because I don't have the patience to make something more than once. Haha! I look forward to whatever you make next! :)
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I got to see your Chrysalis plush in person today at Bronycon and I wanted to once again send you my compliments.
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